TWAR is a firm of architects with a very specific approach to architecture. We are committed to making sure our projects are as brilliant as they can be. Each member of the team contributes his or her expertise, thus adding value to the end result. Most of the time, this can be done remotely.

Won over by EASI’s product and corporate philosophy, TWAR has started using SmartDrive, and Thomas Wynen, an architect and the manager of TWAR, the man behind the project, shares his experience of the product.

The only real user of the solution, Thomas, shares his files and sends them on depending on the contents.

Security and proximity

“The first reason why I started looking for a solution was the security of my data. SmartDrive gives me that, as well as a tool that’s useful for the way I work. It’s a secure, professional solution and a genuine service. I have a point of contact, and I know exactly where my data is. I was also able to go with EASI to see the datacentre where it is stored. The fact that EASI is a local company, based near me, is a real bonus. There’s no doubt that the fact that my data is hosted in Belgium influenced my decision. It means that I get a really efficient local service in certain situations.

For example, I had a problem uploading 1TB of data. From where I was, the upload time was much too long, so I took my hard drive to EASI to upload it directly to their network. That saved me a lot of time, and meant that I could focus on the important side of my work.”

Professionalism & efficiency

“The second reason why I chose SmartDrive was that it means I can be much more mobile. Before, I would go off to sites with a box full of folders. Now all I need is my laptop. I have everything I need for meetings, there’s no risk of forgetting anything. That means I can be more professional, my meetings are getting more efficient, and I reap the considerable rewards of that convenience.

SmartDrive also meets all of my needs in terms of sharing information within the team, or with my clients. I really appreciate the fact that I can easily manage how long people can download files and limit access as needed… It is efficient and reassuring.

Day to day, SmartDrive improves communication and organisation for the networking group."

Portability & mobility

“These days, we are increasingly mobile, and we use electronic data on-site. This means we need really portable computers, which generally don’t have a great deal of memory. SmartDrive solves the problem of data storage: you can go from 128GB on a laptop to 1TB on SmartDrive. Ultimately, the idea is to be able to work with tablets.”

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