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I set up EASI on 26 March 1999. I was 36 years old. I had never imagined becoming an entrepreneur. Nobody I knew during my childhood was one. When I look at EASI today, its track record is unbelievable. EASI is a wonderful company. Well beyond what I could have ever imagined.

EASI is the Best Workplace in Belgium since 2015. EASI has received the label Best Managed Companies by Deloitte 3 years in a row and was elected "Entreprise de l'Année 2019" by Ernst&Young. When people ask me about EASI, I prefer to talk about my colleagues than hear myself talk about our solutions.

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My book

"Un livre choc qui bouscule toutes les idées préconçues sur la réussite professionnelle. Salvatore réfute la croyance que pour réussir, il faut presser ses collaborateurs comme des citrons." 

Pascal de Sutter - Docteur en psychologie


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On m'a pris pour un fou - Salvatore Curaba

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