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The Bertinchamps Brewery is a Belgian brewery located in Gembloux in the province of Namur. It has been expanding rapidly for several years. This is why they were looking for a tool that would allow them to meet the needs of their customers and suppliers on time.

SmartSales: a guarantee of reliability

"We have three corporate values at Bertinchamps: generosity, authenticity and reliability. While generosity and authenticity are innate, reliability on the other hand, is something you have to work on. So, we needed a tool that would allow us to be more professional and meet our customers' expectations. SmartSales was an obvious choice to help us in our daily work both here at Bertinchamps and in our contacts with our customers," explains Marc Edouard, son of the brewer and in charge of production.

Marc Edouard Bertinchamps

Which features do you prefer?

"I frequently use the location feature of SmartSales, which allows me to easily locate myself on the map and see that I am not missing any customers around my location to maximize my routes", explains Jean-Philippe, son of the brewer and head of sales and operations.

"What I also like about SmartSales is that I can link my horeca customers to a wholesale supplier. This allows me to have a precise idea of the number of customers supplied by my catering wholesaler", adds Jean-Philippe.

Jean-Philippe Bertinchamps

What are the benefits of SmartSales?

No more paper

"Before the arrival of SmartSales we relied a lot on paper for our day-to-day business. Our sales staff took orders on paper which were then sent to the brewery on a paper purchase order. We also sent paper invoice, etc. As a result, there was therefore a risk of losing the order or losing the signed delivery notes. Thanks to SmartSales, everything is tracked, and we can really see what has been done," says Jean-Philippe.

No more stock-outs

"You don't necessarily think that a sales support program can be linked to production and supply. We soon realized that it was. Thanks to SmartSales we were able to identify recurring patterns in customer visits and orders. This allows us to have a recurrence also in the supply and in the production, and consequently to have a better management of our stock. Since we have been using SmartSales, I think we have no longer had any stock shortages here at Bertinchamps, because we have managed to better anticipate sales and the volumes that need to be produced," explains Marc Edouard.

What have been the 3 benefits for the brewery since the arrival of SmartSales?

"Ever since we have been using SmartSales, Bertinchamps is a more organized company, with reliable real-time data and better communication between our back office and our sales representatives," says Arthur, Bertinchamps' sales and marketing manager.

Arthur Bertinchamps

How is the relationship with Easi?

"The SmartSales team and the hotline are always there to help us in case of a problem or a bug. All we have to do, is send a quick email and our issue is solved very quickly," says Jean-Philippe.

"What I found most impressive about Easi was the stability of the contact persons. At Easi we had a sales person and a technical contact. Always the same people. They respond very quickly to our questions, and they know our file from A to Z. For me, this is a key factor," concludes Marc-Edouard.

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