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BATIPRO was founded in 1977. Since then, the company has continued to grow and evolve to become a leader in the building materials market.

Adfinity: a software made for the international market

"We chose the Adfinity software because it was the most efficient solution on the market for processing large volumes of data. Moreover, BATIPRO is active in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg, so we needed a solution that was easily adaptable to international markets," explains Didier Abinet, Chief Accountant at BATIPRO.


What features do you use the most?

"Among the many features of Adfinity, there are 3 that we are particularly interested in. The first is the ability to extract very detailed data that we can then process further. Adfintiy also allows us to extract consolidation data that we can then integrate into a consolidation program. Finally, thanks to the software, we can retrieve all the data that comes from our commercial management," explains Didier Abinet.


Didier Abinet BATIPRO

A time-saving solution

"The feedback from my colleagues on their use of Adfinity is very positive. The simplicity of the software and the speed of encoding have completely changed their way of working," says Didier Abinet.

"The main added value of the Adfinity software for me is the time it saves me and my colleagues, especially when it comes to integrating purchase invoices that were previously entered manually and are now integrated from our commercial management," explains Didier Abinet.

A great working relationship

Didier Abinet is very positive about both the implementation of the solution and the relationship with Easi: "The relationship with the salespeople and the Adfinity consultants is perfect. They were present at all stages of the implementation to ensure that it went smoothly. They allowed us to complete the projects in the time we defined. It's a new way of working for us, but we look forward to working with Easi for many years to come", says Didier Abinet.

Who would you recommend the Adfinity solution to?

"I would recommend the Adfinity solution to SMEs and larger companies with more than 100 employees. Even if Adfinity can be implemented in smaller structures, I think that it finds all its value in larger companies and allows to get more value out of it", concludes Didier Abinet.



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