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Why Boiron chooses Smartsales

Created in 1932 by Jean and Henri Boiron, Boiron today employs 3600 people passionate about the homeopathic sector. Boiron Belgium, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boiron Group, distributes its products throughout the Belgian territory. Bertrand Duquesne, General Manager, explains why he opted for SmartSales, the iPad app, as a mobile CRM tool for his team of commercials.

“In 2014, I took over the management of UNDA Laboratories (a subsidiary of the group in Belgium). Very quickly, I wanted to create a team totally dedicated to the promotion of our products. To facilitate the work of the salespersons on the road, I have searched for a mobile CRM."

Boiron customer story SmartSales

Why a mobile app?

"Once I had all the information I needed, I looked at the existing solutions. I was convinced that a mobile application would match our expectations: flexibility, user-friendliness, reliability and professionalism. Yes, professionalism, because a delegate who enters a pharmacy or an office with loose sheets of paper, in disorder…Would you trust him to manage your orders?"

"Once we chose our tool, we had to choose the supplier. We met different players on the market and finally opted for SmartSales, developed and distributed by EASI."

When user-friendliness meets quality

"Of all the solutions selected, it was the easiest to use."


"In a few hours and without further training, we all managed to use it. People who did not know at all this type of application or tablets, in general, did not take more than one day to handle it. Some of our colleagues had the opportunity during their previous professional experiences to work with this type of solution."

"The support of the application also played a role. The iPad makes the tool so mobile and accessible. In addition to being more practical for the user, it is also less costly for the company than a computer dedicated to the road. Finally, the cost of the application convinced us: compared to other solutions, the value for money is interesting."

A custom app

The “online order” (directly at the pharmacist) our most widely used feature. Taking an order online during a visit to a client helps to avoid mistakes and omissions but also to reduce considerably the administrative working time when back at the office or at home.

We also often use the "presentation" tool that allows presenting the product catalogue directly to the pharmacist without paper or magazine thanks to our digitalized book.

A powerful tool for sales managers

If the application is interesting for salespersons, it is also the case for managers in charge of reporting, analyzing, and take action accordingly. As soon as he leaves his customer, the Boiron employee responds to a custom-made form elaborate with his manager.

Autonomy and collaboration at the same time

If the application allows more autonomy, it also allows more information sharing between employees. If a delegate reports his absence at the last minute, we have easy access to his diary and therefore his appointments. Overnight, a mission can be managed by another collaborator. He will find all the information related to each client in the application.

A strong relationship

Over time, I have built a real proximity relationship with EASI. I have the same two contacts since the beginning of the partnership. One for development and another for business discussions. This creates a sense of real partnership.

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