The software used by the in BW for the internal accounting management and the supplier invoices management, needed to be replaced. The new software needed to cope with all general accounting tasks, analytical and budget accounting, and be integrated with the ERP software solution. During the past, the in BW used an application that had been developed partly internally, with a lot of complementary modules, for example, the analytical management of the data, the management of the fixed assets, etc...

"The old software was still working, but running on MS-DOS and the support and maintenance of the software was stopped. Also, the features did no longer satisfy our needs, for example in the domain of digital document management.", explains Emmanuel Gaziaux, Financial and Administrative Director at the in BW. "The new application needed to be easily integrable to our ERP software, for the management of our customers and the purchase management. (deliveries of orders and stock management)."

Find the best supplier

To find the right supplier with the right approach, the in BW has edited a large book of specifications which enabled them to compare the different suppliers. "EASI was the only supplier that gave a positive answer to all our questions, and that disposed of standard solutions for all the features we needed", completes Emmanuel Gaziaux.

Fast migration

The software Adfinity has been installed rapidly at the in BW. Not one single custom development was needed. EASI just personalised the functions to fit the needs of the in BW, specifically for the input of invoices. This possibility of personalisation is a standard feature in the software.

"During some planning meetings with the EASI consultant, we took a look at the full scope of the project. We knew that we had to follow certain steps to assure a smooth implementation and migration. Keeping up -or not - to this step-by-step approach, could influence the implementation cycle from 10 days to 100 days! In total, the complete migration process did not take more than 5 days, thanks to the quality of the collaboration, the planning and the analysis", explains Emmanuel Gaziaux.

Finding back information

The in BW receives about 5.000 supplier invoices every year. In the past, if there was a question about an old invoice, they needed to go check in the archives, find the document and then hand it over to the person that asked the question. After that, the same procedure needed to be completed in the opposite direction. Today, every invoice is scanned, not one single document is still circulating in paper format. Finding back a document has become a child's play.

Real-time reporting

And that's not all: the in BW now disposes of an excellent reporting method and can connect to the accounting database directly from Excel.

Web access

Within the in BW, four persons are working directly with the software, and four other persons use it only sporadically to check their budgets or to approve supplier invoices. This is done through the web access. To organize this process in the most efficient way, documents are properly grouped by approver. Once every day, the approver receives an e-mail reminder with a link to the invoices he/she needs to approve. The system then visualises the invoices and the approver can approve, reject, escalate, or add comments to the document.

Better budget control

Every responsible at the in BW, manages it own budget. The new software allows them to consult the status of their budget in real-time, to better manage it. The direct connection with the database ensures that the figures that are visualised, always reflect the most recent situation: what has already been invoices, what has been ordered but not yet delivered, and also, what has already been delivered, but not yet invoiced. This way, the budget margins are perfectly known at any moment.

Integration with ERP

Adfinity is fully integrated with the ERP system of the in BW. Orders and deliveries that are put into the ERP, are exported (every night) towards Adfinity to complete the provisory engagements and the final engagements to be able to calculate the remaining budget. But the ERP is also directly connected to Adfinity. Inside the ERP, a budget control has been programmed so that it becomes impossible to create an order that could exceed the budget.

"This is really reassuring. In the past, we have known some unpleasant surprises in terms of budget excesses. We could see budget excesses only 2 months after the closing of the accounting period! Today, we have perfect control of our spending thanks to this new tool. It's impossible to exceed our budgets without our management being prevented!", concludes Emmanuel Gaziaux.

High-quality service

Emmanuel Gaziaux: "The project has run perfectly, from the beginning until the end. This is the result of our very clear and very well developed book of requirements. The creation of this book has taken us a lot of work, but after all, thanks to it, EASI was able to propose us a solution that fits in the foreseen budget, and that had all the features we asked."

Training and support

During the implementation, the end-users of the new accounting software, received help from EASI's consultants. Three days of training have been given, and the collaborators have been working on the project from the beginning to the end.

"In case of problems, we can always call the hotline from EASI, that's included in the price. EASI also manages the updates of the software. When the accounting legislation changed for our activity sector, EASI immediately provided us with an adapted version that was in line with the new laws. The collaborators from EASI really know their product from the inside. The never told me "Mister Gaziaux, that's not possible". This professional approach and their high-quality service are without doubt their strongest points.", concludes Emmanuel Gaziaux.

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