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The need

Growing fast, in the absence of an internal IT team with a professional structure.

The solution

Proactively managing the full IT environment at a fixed price.

The advantage

Not worrying about IT and being able to fully focus on the core business.

Kentucky HQ

After his studies in Netherlands, CEO Thomas Tuytens moved to China to work and learn at the family company. For him, China was the epicenter of entrepreneurship. When returning to Belgium with a lot of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, he started Kentucky Horsewear at the end of 2010.

A digital wasteland

He explains: "During the first years, our IT situation was like any start-up: we bought our PCs from the local store. Besides having a solid ERP system from the beginning, there was no real structure."

“We really found ourselves in a digital wasteland, as there was no IT department present", adds Philippe Buysens (then COO of Kentucky Horsewear and current CEO of sister company Dy'on, Ed.) 

Continuous growth

"Given our quick growth, which was not only reflected in sales, but also in personnel, we felt the need to structure and professionalize. If you don't have good IT systems, growth is accompanied by gigantic chaos and many problems. 

Competence, speed, personal approach and above all the company's vision in the IT field, were our main reasons for working with Easi." 

Kentucky CEO

We really found ourselves in a digital wasteland. Together, we managed to build out a high-performance, scalable and secure IT environment."

Philippe Buysens - Chief Operating Officer, Kentucky Horsewear

A real partnership

"I'm a firm believer of the saying 'If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys', so when it comes to value for money, Easi is the perfect match for Global. 

Thanks to the partnership we established throughout the years, we don't have to worry about IT anymore. Easi often figures out faster than us when we will be facing a problem and proactively goes about solving it. This means we can really focus on our core business, which is developing markets and producing high quality products for horses and dogs."

"Together, we managed to build out a high-performance, scalable and secure IT environment", concludes Philippe Buysens.