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The Iris Group is a family business that was set up in 1946 for industrial painting. Since then, it has grown to become one of Belgium's leading service companies in facilities management, industrial coatings, landscaping and technical maintenance. Iris also offers a wide range of services such as office and industrial cleaning, landscaping and green space maintenance, maintenance work and small repairs, office management, industrial coatings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and technical maintenance.

With more than 3,200 employees at 12 different sites in Belgium, Iris serves thousands of customers in the public and private sectors.

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Vincent Delforce - Groupe Iris Cleaning Service

"We had a lack of visibility of what was happening in our infrastructures in terms of cyber security."


BlueHorn, a tool accessible to even the smallest companies

"We had a lack of visibility of what was happening in our infrastructures in terms of cyber security. We had to monitor several sources of logs and we didn't have the time to do it properly. Furthermore, we didn't have the resources, or the reasons, that would have justified employing a full-time specialist. Nevertheless, we were aware that, even though we were a small organisation, we were facing the same threats as large companies. When it comes to cyber security, there is increasing pressure to equip ourselves. Today, the threat of cyber attacks is real. They are increasingly effective and better organised. Some of our competitors have experienced major incidents over the last three years. So we needed a solution to protect ourselves, but we couldn't just use well-known and recognised tools on the market either, because they're unaffordable. BlueHorn's positioning in this market is therefore a major advantage for this tool. It allows us to increase our maturity in this area on several levels, because it covers a very large number of our needs, while being within our financial reach. This tool also gives us a centralised and fairly comprehensive view.”

What has BlueHorn changed in your day-to-day practice?

"As we explained earlier, before using BlueHorn, we had a fragmented view, with some logs on several different tools, but we didn't really consult them, due to a lack of time. Centralising this information in silos was therefore very complicated. Now, thanks to BlueHorn, we have very clear elements that bring together many aspects that were already present, but too often isolated.

This tool also highlights new detection engines of its own. Complemented by Easi's SOC service, we have even fewer burdens and greater maturity, especially in terms of auditing and dealing with the Board. Today, for all justified alerts or improvements, we take action. This makes us more efficient and saves time. Easi has taken a fairly pragmatic view of the problem, which has enabled us to achieve a good level of security without having to make major investments.”

Local presence and application that appeal

"BlueHorn added value to our business straight away, because there were no parameters that were too complicated to set up or understand. We now have a functional solution that was up and running in just one day. What's also great is that we can see how the tool is evolving and we can discuss this directly with the development team.”

Basic Security Hygiene - E-book - English