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HiKOKI Power Tools in Wemmel focuses on the sale, distribution and technical support of HiKOKI electric tools. They have a strong distribution network of more than 300 professional dealers and more than 100 points of sale in Belgium. Anyone who needs HiKOKI tools benefits from both professional advice and the fact that HiKOKI gear is available in their neighbourhood

The advantages?

Wim Wandels, Sales Manager at HiKOKI, introduced SmartSales to his employees in Belgium and is particularly satisfied with the results today. "The added value for us as a company lies mainly in the ease and speed of working via the app. Especially the communication between the representative, myself and the office staff and the communication between the representative and the customer is really optimal".


However, at first, there was some resistance to the app, according to manager Wim Wandels: "In the beginning, the app was experienced as a control tool. People thought, "Oh, this is not for visit reports, but only to control us. In the meantime, they have come complete changed their opinion. It's just a tool to facilitate their daily work and they experience the benefits every day."

Practical and fast

Representative Kris De Puysselaire believes that the app is a real step forward. "SmartSales is a very interesting app for me because I can see where my customers are from my location on my map. If I work in a particular region, I can immediately see where my customers are located. Which of them are near to me or how I can optimize my route to gain more time."


"My experience with the app is also very good in terms of the catalogue. I visit my client. I show him my catalogue digitally and on the spot, I can send everything directly by e-mail. This means that I no longer have to work on my laptop in the evening. Everything has already happened during the day. The same goes for my orders. I go into my client's shop, I show him the orders. I ask how many devices he or she wants, I make the calculation on my iPad. It' I can show everything immediately. When the customer then presses 'OK', everything is arranged. Both he and our internal customer service will immediately receive the order in their mailbox. Very handy."


The app turns out to be not only a win for the management and the representatives. "Our customers have also welcomed the app well," says manager Wim Wandels. Kris Vanhove, customer at HiKOKI, joins him. "We also experience the benefits of the app. All our data is always up to date. Everything we see is immediately correct. We gain time for the order and because everything is digital, our paperwork is also declining."


All together?

"The app is really very useful and a plus for us as a company. Moreover, the relationship with EASI is also excellent. When we report something, the solutions are found almost immediately or we get help from EASI very quickly."

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