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To improve customer satisfaction, Leleux Associated Brokers, a Belgian brokerage firm has improved their business-critical service latencies, their overall system efficiency and decreased the daily data backup duration time to just 8 minutes. All by implementing an IBM Power Systems S914 server running the IBM i operating system. 

Meet Leleux

Leleux Associated Brokers S.A., founded in 1928, is a brokerage firm in Belgium. Headquartered near Brussels, Leleux offers personalized brokerage services to its customers through 30 stockbrokers. These services include investment services for professional and individual customers and outsourcing services for financial institutions, among other things. The company maintains equity capital of more than EUR 30 million.

The business needs 

Leleux Associated Brokers S.A. needed to reduce operating costs and wanted to improve the customer satisfaction by minimizing latencies. This would enable their customer to offer a near-real-time advantage. In addition, Leleux wanted to reduce backup and batch job duration times to improve efficiency and service availability. Therefore, the company sought a new server solution.

How we implemented the solution

As IBM Business Partner, EASI conducted a deep performance analysis and identified the optimal solution to help Leleux meet its extreme latency criteria while reducing the total cost of ownership.

We were able to help Leleux implement two IBM Power Systems S914 servers running the IBM i operating system with 8 cores, 256 GB of memory and twenty-four 283-GB disk drives. We also installed a single pair of 6.4-TB NVM Express adapters residing on the Power Systems servers for high-performance storage with replication capabilities. On top of the per-core performance gain of the IBM POWER9 platform and additional memory, the introduction of a single pair of NVMe Flash adapters helped Leleux achieve an unprecedented high performance and low latency.

The benefits

By implementing an IBM Power Systems S914 server running the IBM i operating system, Leleux improved real-time, business-critical service latencies. 

Leleux improved their overall system efficiency and was able to reduce the job durations from one hour and 11 minutes to just 31 minutes.

Moreover, the daily backup duration went down from 39 minutes to just 8 minutes, thereby drastically improving business availability.

In addition, the company improved customer satisfaction and enhanced the dashboard used for monitoring key performance indicators.

Why EASI? 

Olivier Leleux, Owner and President of the Direction Committee, Leleux Associated Brokers S.A. is very happy with the services from EASI. "We started the project with EASI in March 2020 and in just 3 months we were able to put everything in production. We are more than delighted with the new IBM Power Systems solution. Thanks to the combination of POWER9 and NVMe we improve our business critical real time services latencies, and we also improve the overall efficiency."