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The need

Taking the next step in security strategy by reducing human error in the area of cybercrime.

The solution

Security awareness trainings in 6 different languages and tailored to the different employees.

The advantage

"The combined approach with Proofpoint and Easi's additional analytics brings the depth and expertise we needed to grow in the area of cybersecurity."

Duvel Brouwerij Testimonial Easi


We spoke with Tristan Vingerhoets - Network and Security Engineer at Duvel Moortgat, Geert Van de Steen - CISO and security awareness expert at Easi and David Swolfs - Business Developer at Easi, and talked about the cooperation between the two companies and especially about how to create security awareness.

"Everything happened remotely, from the initial contact to the Proof-of-Concept and the signing of the contract."

"I got in touch with Duvel through my colleague Olivier who had a meeting with Duvel's IT department. It's actually a fun anecdote," jokes David: "It was full lockdown period so all our meetings went remote. From the first meeting to signing the agreement."

"As a huge beer lover, that was a letdown to me. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to visit Tristan at Duvel and find out what life at Duvel is like. We urgently need to change that!"

"After an initial meeting, we agreed to start up a proof-of-concept to find out what the state of security awareness was at Duvel. This gave us a benchmark for the security awareness training and also gave Duvel a better idea of what exactly was needed."

David Swolfs Business Developer Easi

"Cyberattacks are a hot topic at the moment and employees are your weakest link"

"The choice for security awareness training seemed to us the next necessary step in our security strategy. Cyberattacks are extremely common at the moment, and ransomware has been in the news more and more often, especially since the covid period. You can secure your company as well as possible with all kinds of security software, but your employees will always be your weakest links in terms of security.", opens Tristan.

"Many don't realize the impact of clicking on a certain link, using an unknown USB drive or sharing and storing information. That's why we wanted to raise awareness among our employees in hopes of bringing about a change in behavior."

"A change in behavior isn't something that is created overnight"

"Easi ensures that our employees are always alert to phishing and other cyberattacks through monthly security awareness training. These security awareness training always shine the light on a different aspect of cybercrime."

"Not only the topic varies, but also the way the training is presented. You learn in an interesting way how to deal with cyberattacks by means of a game, multiple-choice questions, a course with time limits, etc. In this way, you have to pass a kind of mini-exam to succeed in the training.", says Tristan.

Tristan Vingerhoets Duvel Moortgat

Our CISO Geert explains why we choose this approach

"For our security awareness training, we chose Proofpoint as our partner. This platform gives us a lot of freedom in setting up the training, and that is necessary. After all, you have to adapt to roles within the company but also to languages, competencies, vulnerabilities and, above all, the way the company operates."

"Also, the variety we bring to the training is necessary. You're trying to get your employees to change their behaviour in terms of security, and that's not so easy."

"Studies prove that you learn more easily when you do this in a playful way. That's why we always try to be original in our approach, to make a real impact. We do this not only with trainings but also with Phishing campaigns or suchlike, to be able to evaluate the impact of the trainings."

Geert Van de Steen CISO Easi

What is the added value that Easi offers?

"We have regular follow-up meetings with Geert. Here we discuss the progress of the training, points of attention, etc. based on a detailed report. You immediately notice that Easi attaches great importance to a personal approach and that a lot of energy is put into optimizing the training."

"We quickly felt that we were working with a reliable partner."

"The biggest added value for us is the product knowledge of both the sales and security experts. A story is created that just makes sense from A to Z. We compared different partners and vendors such as KnowBe4, Proofpoint and Phished, and Easi with ProofPoint quickly came out on top. Considering our status as a company, we needed the level of expertise and depth that was brought."

"In addition, there is the knowledge in terms of cybersecurity that Easi brings to the table. It always exceeds expectations in this. When there is a new critical threat - even if it falls outside the security awareness training - we are notified by Easi. This has proved very useful for us on several occasions in the past. I can only conclude that the cooperation runs very smoothly."

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