Is this dangerous?

No worries, this page isn't malicious. We are not trying to steal your data, we are not asking for private information, we are not requesting your login and password, ... 

Then, what did I do wrong?

You most probably arrived on this page by clicking on the 'source' link below the quote on the previous page. Take a look at that URL: it's shortened. So before clicking on that link, you couldn't know where it would send you. 

Our advice

Before clicking on a shortened URL, always check it on It will show you the destination URL and tell you if it's safe. For free.

Why is security awareness necessary

Some more free tips & tricks?

Browserling is a tool that allows you to run URL's in a sandbox, which means you don't have to worry about getting infected with viruses or trojans. It offers a free plan and paid plans if you need the extra options. 

Haveibeenpwned is an online repository where you can check if your email address or other email addresses within your company have been compromised in hackings. It documents on which accounts your credentials have been exposed. 

Safeonweb is an initiative of the Belgian Center for Cyber Security and offers plenty of information and advice about cybersecurity, current threats and online safety in a very accessible way. offers a way to share sensitive information, like for example passwords, in a safe way. It generates a one-time link that can be read one-time and can't be read by someone else later.

Increase your team's security awareness! 

If you clicked, why wouldn't your colleagues? Be sure to increase their awareness by getting them trained. Several options are available, going from one-time in-class trainings over company-wide e-learning modules until 100% fully managed security awareness as a service offerings. 

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