How we are different

Intuitively linked to strategy

From now on you only track metrics that really matter, enabling everyone to focus on the vision. 

Get the bigger picture

Thanks to clear strategy maps, you break down the silo's that were created around data between different departments. 

Simplified communication

Streamline your teams and create transparency around the various metrics. Share, comment and collaborate to reduce meetings and get things done! 

Link operations to strategy and discover opportunities

Using clear cascading strategy maps, you ensure that silos are broken and that initiatives, KPIs and related data can be linked across departments. Move from isolated business intelligence initiatives to motivated teams driven by strategy.

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70% of all Business Intelligence initiatives fail

Business intelligence is more than just data

Our Data4Decisions Academy makes you think twice about the KPIs you track and how you link them to your strategy. You no longer have to guess and see what needs to be done at a glance. 

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Spoom scorecards for business management

Communication is the Key to success

When it comes to communication, a standard Business Intelligence application falls short. With Spoom, you create transparency for more chance of success. In addition to risk management, you're going to be notifying people, share information and make data speak by giving background info. 

Create company wide transparency with Spoom

Take your business intelligence initiatives to the next level

We're not here to replace your tools, just to get the full potential out of them. Whether you already have seasoned data-driven Business-intelligence policies in place or you're taking your first steps in data analytics: Spoom makes sure everyone is heard. The tools you love matched with a method that has proven its effectiveness to give you the overview you dreamed of. 

Business intelligence Integrations Spoom

The roadmap to success is one we write together

Developing a data-driven corporate culture is something you do step by step. Many companies realize they could look at things in a more efficient way. They immediately opt for a Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualisation or dashboarding tool, which should really just be the last step in the process. 

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Jean-François Herremans CEO FR