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Active since 1989 in the automotive sector and more particularly in the distribution of automotive parts, tools, lubricants, cleaning products, etc ..., Covalux has grown over the years through the acquisition of existing stores, strengthening its coverage of the whole Walloon area in Belgium.

Covalux is a constantly evolving company. Hence the importance of finding an IT solution capable of keeping pace with these developments at a minimum cost. Xavier Rulkin, Finance and Administration Manager, explains to us why he chose Cloud2be as a cloud computing platform.

Why Cloud2be?

"I selected Cloud2be because Covalux is a constantly evolving company and the number of stores has changed over the years. After working together with EASI for over 10 years, we decided to reconsider this collaborative relationship and have a look at what alternatives the market had to offer. In the end, we turned back to EASI with renewed confidence and all our doubts dispelled, to avail ourselves once more of its Cloud2be solution."

The start

The collaborative relationship with EASI got off to a start with the renewal of our IT infrastructure. As the systems we were using were outdated we were faced with the choice of investing in new better-performing machines or opting for a cloud solution. In the light of a detailed analysis, EASI was seen to be the one that could offer us a tailor-made Cloud solution. Our company is always on the move and developing, while our staff constantly needs access to our business-critical applications: from our stores, our main office and branches, on the road,... Towards this goal, purchasing and maintaining our own infrastructure and ensuring its accessibility at all times is an almost impossible and prohibitively expensive task for us."


"Cloud2be means we now boast an extremely flexible IT infrastructure. Adding another sales outlet, more or fewer users, adding some additional storage,... all of this has now become an extremely nimble process. And something that is very important nowadays: we only pay for what we use."


"We also selected Cloud2be because as well as proposing a technical solution it also contributed ideas and really helped us from a strategic perspective. Unlike other cloud providers, Cloud2be is operated by genuine experts, who are close at hand and can actually be reached, and help us to make the right decisions. We also think it is important for our data to be located in our home country."

No fully-fledged IT department

"Our organisation does not really have a fully operational IT department. Due to a shortage of in-house IT skills we were faced every four years with the difficult question of deciding what kind of infrastructure we should invest in. We now rely on Cloud2be: consequently, we are sure that we can always have the latest technologies without the need to have in-house expertise for this purpose."

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