Why did you install a solution for email management and collaboration?

Xavier Rigo, Head of Administration & IT: "Since we wanted to develop our activities further, we were already convinced that we needed to change the arrangements we had for collaborative work. We chose the EASI solution which is integrated into our Lotus Notes mail system. The solution was first used for the commercial activities of our company Eloy Water, but quickly spread to other departments, ending up being used across the whole group."

Are you happy with SmartShare?

"Our desire to develop further meant that we were faced with more and more tasks and multiplied the number of exchanges of information. EASI helped us to optimize our work and our organization. The solutions for follow-up and analysis that the solution provides offer our management real added value."

Was it easy to get your staff to accept the new way of working?

"The introduction process varied in the different bodies in our group. The youngest organization in our group, which has more young staff, learned to use the applications very quickly. Other departments, where people had rarely needed to work with IT applications, found it a bit more difficult. But, since the management of Eloy was convinced of the added value of this solution for our business, it was constantly emphasizing and promoting the use of SmartShare. Now our teams use the solution on a daily basis. Since then we have actually extended the solution with other EASI applications, which stands as evidence of how happy we are with it."

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