Just one month after its lastest acquisition, Easi acquires Procsima-Group, a company specialized in cyber security based in Mont-Saint-Guibert. This is Easi’s second acquisition in this field, following that of Switchpoint in September 2022. This year, Easi has already invested some €9 million in IT security, a significant amount that reflects its ambitions in the sector.

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A pooling of strengths and common values

Procsima-Group benefits from a good reputation in the cyber security market, thanks to the 20 years of combined expertise of its two founders, Christophe Celio and Frédéric Gelissen.

"This acquisition will mainly take the form of a pooling of forces," explains Christophe Verhaeghe, Business Unit Manager at Easi and driver of this acquisition. "Our two companies have extensive skills in the field of cyber security, which will enable us to provide real added value to our customers," adds Christophe Verhaeghe.

"Easi will give us the clout and resources necessary to further develop our already strong expertise in IT security. We are also delighted to be working with a company that shares our values of proximity, honesty and excellence. This acquisition is a great opportunity for our company and our employees to grow, as they will be joining a company that will give them the means necessary to acquire new skills," adds Christophe Celio, General Manager at Procsima-Group.

Christophe Celio Procsima-Group & Christophe Verhaeghe Easi

Easi, future market leader in cyber security

With two acquisitions, a tool developed internally called BlueHorn and now 60 employees dedicated to IT security, Easi has already invested nearly €9 million in this sector in 2022.

"Today, our company is well positioned and manages to differentiate itself in cyber security. Eventually, we will have the means necessary to position ourselves as a leader towards companies in both the north and south of the country. Our development will increase even more in this sector in the future. We will now focus on the successful integration of Switchpoint and Procsima-Group in our structures, but also on marketing our BlueHorn solution and our MiniSOC & SOC (Security Operations Center) services," explains Renauld Duchesne, Sales Manager at Easi.

About MiniSOC and BlueHorn

The MiniSOC is an operational center of experts who provide prevention, detection, analysis and response to cyber incidents. They continuously monitor and improve the security of our customers' businesses.

BlueHorn is a solution that enables companies to become actors of their own security. Once deployed, the solution quickly provides the visibility needed to detect and contain threats to minimize the negative impact of a potential attack. BlueHorn is the cornerstone of the MiniSOC service provided by Easi.

About Procsima-Group

Founded in 2015, Procsima-Group is a Belgian company based in Mont-Saint-Guibert. It is specialized in cyber protection and provides services, consultancy and high added value solutions. Its main mission is to help companies protect themselves against external and internal attacks of all kinds. 

About Easi

Easi is a Belgian IT company that has been providing IT services and software to medium and large companies since 1999. Easi's focus on software, IT infrastructure, cloud and security is on short implementation times and high added value for its customers: flexible solutions for companies that want a partner close to them. Easi also places great emphasis on the well-being of its 480 employees. Every year since 2015, Easi has been voted 'Best Workplace' in Belgium.