What is Auto DBE for IBM i?

For every company using IBM i, the IBM i database is the data spider in the web. From multiple sides the database receives requests for information and/or requests to change information.

SQL plays an important role in this process, using ODBC/JDBC. We all know the SQL performance benefits from creating indexes, advised by the Index Advisor. Those extra indexes will definitely improve the SQL performance, but in general the Index Advisor remains untouched due to the absence of a database engineer.

That's where Auto DBE for IBM i comes in the picture.

Auto DBE for IBM i

Your virtual database engineer, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Auto DBE has automated the creation of advised indexes, based on the Index Advisor's data, and manages this process automatically, based on Artificial Intelligence. All you must do is to determine how often it has to be executed.

When created indexes do not meet the requirements any more, Auto DBE will automatically delete them. This process is being managed in a separate SQL Collection per database.

Increased performance

Your IBM i and SQL requests will perform better thanks to the automatic adjustments made by your virtual database engineer.

Fully automated process

Indexes can always be removed during application maintenance without impacting IBM i applications.

Maintenance mode

Indexes deleted for performance reasons during application maintenance will be automatically recreated.

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