The company Udoha is active in the sector of car services since more than 40 years. Cecoforma is a communication agency that exists since more than 30 years. Thierry Thioux, accounting and finance responsible, explains why he uses Adfinity as management software.


"Thanks to Adfinity, our company has become a trendsetter in the domain of accounting management. The automatic integrations (invoicing, other operations, bank accounts, ...) and the scanning of documents, allow us to gain time and avoid boring tasks.

This way of working improves the daily job of our colleagues that need to input the data in the system, and they can be more precise in their analytical budget controls. The analytical axis, the management of the data and the extended reporting capabilities are only some of the valuable features of Adfinity.

We would like to thank EASI's consultants for the quality of their work, and their reliability!"

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