Why FEBIAC chooses Cloud2be

The non-profit organization FEBIAC is the federation for the automotive and two-wheel industry in Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is proactively committed to establishing a healthy, sustainable entrepreneurial environment for the automotive and two-wheel sector.

Joeri De Valck, Director of Data Services, started at FEBIAC 2 years ago. He was tasked with the goal of bringing the FEBIAC’s IT system into the 21st century. How did Cloud2be and Adfinity help with this? He tells us in this testimonial.

The need to modernize

FEBIAC needed to update its infrastructure because the current systems were getting old. So there were two options: buy a new machine or find another solution. As the focus was on modernization, moving over to the cloud seemed like the obvious answer for Joeri De Valck. So they got in touch with EASI.

Choosing Cloud2be

“Above all, we knew that EASI, and Cloud2be in this case, have an excellent reputation in the market. We also had a previous experience with EASI which had been very positive. And when even the competition confirms EASI’s superiority, it means a lot. As well as all that, the contract proposal was very good.”

“It would be nice if every project went like that”

So the decision didn’t take long to make, either on a technical or financial level. However, due to an intervention of the FPS Mobility, the project took a little bit more time.

“In fact, we have very strict legal restrictions, as we work with government data. We have to inform them of any changes.”, explains Joeri De Valck. “But after seeing everything EASI had done to guarantee the security of our data, they naturally agreed”.

The monthly volume of reports is very high (between 15,000 and 19,000 reports per year), so the switchover couldn’t be done at any time. The timing was crucial, as there were only a few good moments to migrate.

“Two weeks before migration, we began a series of tests during which we anticipated any potential problems. Before starting the migration, we did a full backup.”

“It all went perfectly. On Monday morning, the system was fully up and running.”

“The support offered by EASI’s technicians was flawless. It all went better than we could have imagined. A migration like that is like a dream. It would be nice if every project went like that.”

Peace of mind

“One of the advantages is that our data are now all managed in the Cloud; it’s so much more secure. Also, we don’t have to worry about whether backups have worked properly. This really makes management and day-to-day running easier.”

“It isn’t a client-supplier relationship, it’s a partnership. That helps us go further.”

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