A traditional Corporate Performance Management software lacks teeth

By using CPM software, you easily connect to your financial management program, ERP or BI tool and lift data from different platforms to their full potential thanks to its financial, sales and operational planning features. But managers have long realized that it is not only profitability and sales results that determine the success of a company. Many traditional FP&A software or Corporate Performance Management software have therefore been surpassed. 

CPM vs Spoom

Strategy Execution = align teams

Strategic planning goes beyond the financial, sales-related and operational planning. To really execute your strategy you need to provide real business value to those who execute the actions. This is done by linking the operational actions to the strategic vision. A SEM software brings a tool where your strategy is clearly linked to KPIs and objectives and where your vision is cascaded down the hierarchy to get everyone as involved as possible.

Break through silos

Thanks to Spoom, you create more synergy within your company to work as 1 big entity. You create transparency across different departments and their KPIs and reports. This makes it easy for the management team to discover opportunities by linking teams, data or projects. Spoom allows to take all the data in your organization that really matters and unleash a powerful business analytics engine on it. There is probably no more powerful way to do business forecasting. 

Quantitative & qualitative data

HR: number of employees, seniority & payroll, Marketing and Sales: leads and funnel feeding, Finance: turnover and credit notes, Consultants: intervention time, workforce planning, etc... These are all quantitative figures. But what about customer satisfaction, happiness at work, who really are the people behond your customers, etc.? Give context to what makes your company unique and commit to healthy growth by maintaining an overview of what really matters. 

An all-in-one tool that guides you from strategy to execution

CPM software is mainly financially focused. Spoom offers the full picture.

Strategy planning features
Financial planning
Sales and operations planning
People planning & analysis
Business mapping
Strategy visualization
KPIs linking to strategy
Cross department strategy management
Cascading objectives down to hierarchy
Create organization wide transparency
strengthen responsibilities to contribute to the strategy
Business management features
Budget monitoring
Financial reporting
Financial consolidation
Financial forecasting
Strategy execution forecasting
Complete business forecast
Business intelligence features
Data visualization
Data analysis
Complex analysis made simple
Custom reporting
Real-time data updates
Balanced Scorecards
Risk & opportunity management
Data integration from different platforms
Data modification
Excel functions
Artificial intelligence
Data algorithms

Spoom turns the complexity of a decision-maker's work into simplicity

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