annual admissions

"2,000 collaborators. 1,500 suppliers. 300 doctors. 24.500 annual admissions. We are dealing with gigantic volumes. An intelligent, automated accounting is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. It is simply vital."

No more waste of time

The 'Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde' uses Adfinity to manage its monthly thousands of accounting operations. Payroll, doctors fees, invoices, providers... According the due dates of these various obligations, the software creates daily payments files validated by the Isabel platform. "The gain of time for files processing is phenomenal" said Eveline Duponthieu, accountant. "One hour is enough every morning to process the files of our fifteen banks. Another plus: this system also limits the risk of human errors inherent in manual processing."

A safe accounting workflow

Eveline Duponthieu : "Our solution offers optimal security. I prepare the payment files and submit them to our chief accountant for validation. Then, a Director can remotely and easily sign these operations. Payment flows are totally secure and we have never had any problem."

User-friendly software

"The integration of Isabel GO with Adfinity did not pose any problem. Basically, I do not see what could still be improved. The combination of Adfinity and Isabel is running fine and perfectly meets our needs."

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