Why did you install a solution for email management and collaboration?

Caroline Heylen, Managing Director: "For a company, communication is a priority. An appropriate solution for our way of communicating is crucial for business. We send more and more email, we have to process important information every day. This information must be used carefully and must be easy to store. A good collaboration tool is the solution for this."

"Finding a solution for email management and collaboration between colleagues and with external partners gained us highly valuable time. We now understand that we had fallen into bad habits and used to do a lot of unnecessary work each day. This sort of solution allows us to really concentrate on our core business. Our organization has become more uniform and the work is simpler and optimized."

Are you happy with SmartShare?

"We wanted to position ourselves clearly in the market as an innovative company! For us, efficiency goes hand in hand with cooperation. We were looking for a solution which would help us manage the information in the company better. Thanks to SmartShare, information circulates more smoothly and is managed more effectively. This is the end of the paper era."

What have you gained with SmartShare?

Kristin van Gilste, Sales Assistant: "It is very important to set up a clear structure within the CoWorkingPlace environment which suits your own organization. Once this structure is in place, SmartShare gives you the option to bundle all information on a given item (customer, project, product, sales, event, etc.) and make it accessible to everybody within the Company. That allows you a quicker overview and makes it easier to anticipate things."

Was it easy to get users to accept the new way of working?

Kristin van Gilste, Sales Assistant: "Like any changeover to a new system, additional effort is necessary to find your way and get smoothly up to speed. But it gets easier and better every day."

Caroline Heylen, Managing Director: "We already had a whole range of advanced and digital processes in place, and when EASI came to us with SmartShare we observed that some aspects of the solution were already present in our organization. That made opting for SmartShare a logical choice and its introduction went well. Conversely each member of staff has to adjust to the new working method, to taking control of their own work, and to the ways of cooperating with colleagues. For some employees this was very easy, but others found it a bit harder."

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