22 new employee shareholders at Easi

Employee shareholding is rather rare in Belgium. However, IT company Easi has been applying it since 2011. In fact, it offers all its employees the opportunity to purchase shares in the company. On Friday, June 30th, 22 employees joined the shareholder adventure.

In Belgium, Easi is among the pioneering companies in employee shareholdership. Currently, one-third of its employees hold shares in the company. It's also worth noting that there are no external shareholders at Easi. This year, 22 employees are joining their 103 already involved colleagues in this model. It's important to mention that their average age is only 29. "When we embarked on this adventure, we didn't really have a reference point. Indeed, Belgian companies that offer such a model to their employees are rare. So, we had to think it through from A to Z and, above all, adapt it to Easi's specificities and challenges. We moved forward step by step, while ensuring added value for all project stakeholders," explains Thomas Van Eeckhout, co-CEO of Easi.

Success story for over 10 Years

It was in 2011 that Salvatore Curaba, co-founder of Easi, decided to implement the participatory model. "For me, it's only natural to share the company with my employees. It gives me a feeling of happiness. How can you look your colleagues in the eye and ask them to dedicate themselves body and soul without sharing the fruits of their efforts with them?" explains Salvatore Curaba. He decides to sell a portion of his shares. Today, he is even a minority shareholder, owning only 41% of the company. All Easi managers have become shareholders. In 2015-2016, the model was opened to all employees. They now have the opportunity to purchase shares provided they have at least two years of seniority, a minimum function level, and that they respect and embody the company's fundamental values.

Key to stability, motivation, and commitment

By allowing each of its employees to become the owner of a certain percentage of the company, Easi ensures a sense of commitment, responsibility, and performance in them. The employee-shareholder tool is probably the most comprehensive human resources management tool that exists. "Compared to traditional market players, each shareholder knows the impact they can have on the company. Therefore, all decisions are made with a spirit of respect and growth. They become the driving force of our company. Their personal goals are, in a way, linked to those of Easi. The decisions made by the shareholders are thus consistent with the needs of the company, but also with those of the employees since they share the same status," explains Jean-François Herremans, co-CEO of Easi.

About the Participatory Model

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About Easi

Easi is a Belgian IT company that has been providing IT services and software to medium and large enterprises since 1999. Its expertise lies in software, IT infrastructure, cloud, and security solutions. Easi focuses on fast implementation times and delivering high added value to its clients. It offers flexible solutions to companies seeking a close partnership. In addition to its commitment to customer satisfaction, Easi places great importance on the well-being of its 500 employees. Consistently recognized for its remarkable work environment, Easi has been voted "Best Place to Work" in Belgium every year since 2015.