Easi has been nominated again this year as a Trends Gazelle in the large company category. It is the third consecutive year that Easi can come forward with strong growth figures. In 2020 Easi was already named Trends Gazelle Ambassador, in 2021 as Trends Super Gazelle. 

Every year, the editors of Trends Magazine select 250 Trends Gazelles per province, fast-growing and competitive companies with a positive influence on the entrepreneurial climate in their region. Trends Top distinguishes companies based on hard growth figures and divides them into three categories based on their added value: small companies (less than EUR 1 million), medium-sized companies (EUR 1 to 5 million) and large companies (more than EUR 5 million). Then they look at the five previous financial years per category and assess the growth evolution based on the growth in added value, in staff and in cash flow. The company with the highest ranking in the list is allowed to call itself a Trends Gazelles Ambassador for one year.

CEO's Easi

Caring leader 

In 5 years, the workforce at Easi has more than doubled. Last year the company recruited more than 100 employees, this year they want to repeat that stunt to round the 500 employee mark by 2023. "Human capital is our main growth potential," says CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout. According to him, appreciation has a lot to do with that. "Caring - or caring for - is one of our core values. Above all, we give our employees respect and recognition. Anyone who is not genuinely interested in the well-being or happiness of their employees cannot possibly be a caring leader. We do not grow for the sake of growth or make a profit for the sake of making a profit. We find our way, along with our own talents. For example, we do not recruit external managers. What we invest in trust we get back threefold in motivation, innovation and productivity. Our people make the difference every day. That's how we continue to grow even in difficult periods."

Successful strategy

Thanks to a sophisticated growth strategy that focuses both on internal and organic growth and on strategic acquisitions and partnerships, compared to 2019 - before corona - Easi achieved a growth of 24% this year with a turnover of almost 50 million.

With the acquisition of Direct, which specializes in the proactive management of IT environments, Easi signed up for its largest acquisition to date at the end of 2021. A substantial investment in the cloud offering and additional expertise in the field of managed services.

1 in 3 employees also owns shares in Easi. This makes the company the leader in Belgium in terms of employee share ownership. "The fact that we have been voted Best Workplace for 7 times in a row is a statement and part of our growth strategy," says CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout. "Competitive payroll is something that other companies also offer. But, we focus on our corporate culture, transparency and communication. Just by standing out on the human aspect, we manage to align the goals of our company with the ambitions and commitment of our people."