On Thursday 8 September 2022, the Great Place to Work Institute held a ceremony to nominate the best employers in Europe. IT company Easi lands on the 3rd position of the podium, making it the best Belgian employer in Europe. No other Belgian company managed to reach the top 15. This is the third year in a row that Easi ranks in the top 5 best employers in Europe.


The Covid's chapter is definitely behind us

For Jean-François Herremans, CEO of Easi: "The year 2022 marked the massive return of our employees to the office. We have done everything in our power to (re)strengthen the links with all our colleagues and to rediscover a dynamic and a corporate culture that makes the difference. Since the lifting of the health regulations, we have placed even more emphasis on organizing internal events to promote Easi's DNA to the new employees who have joined us in recent months. Our employees are the backbone of our business. It is thanks to their continued support and commitment that we have been awarded third place".

"It is a real satisfaction and a great recognition for our model and all that we put in place every day to allow our employees to excel in a quality work environment. We are focusing on regionalization of our services, for example. We want to create smaller offices around the country to allow our consultants to visit their customers in the region without having to travel too far," adds Thomas Van Eeckhout, also CEO of Easi.

A first place for Easi in 2023?

Laurent Delime, Easi's Director of Human Resources, added: "Our goal is to stay the course and become a leader in the years to come. Although we face many challenges, such as the war for talent, innovation, growth, acquisitions, workplace diversification, etc., we are looking to the future with great confidence because we have faith in each of our employees".

Accessible and open management

100% of Easi employees think that:

  • "Management is accessible and open to dialogue
  • "New employees are warmly welcomed".

99% of employees find that :

  • "The work atmosphere is pleasant
    "We are attentive to each other".

These statistics are a reflection of Easi's corporate culture: A pleasant work atmosphere combined with transparency and active listening.

About Easi

IT company Easi is a provider of cloud services, security solutions and software. The company has already been elected 8 times in a row best employer in Belgium in the category of less than 500 employees.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work identifies the best workplaces in Europe by analyzing companies' workplace programs and surveying more than 1.4 million employees across multiple countries about the key factors that create exceptional workplaces for all. To be considered, companies must first be identified as exceptional in their respective countries by appearing on one or more lists of the best workplaces in Europe. As a result, Easi has once again made it to the top of the European Best Workplaces podium.