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We spoke with Stefan Putman - CFO at property developer Steenoven - and our own Filip Van Hove - Sales Team Leader Adfinity Real Estate - about choosing Adfinity and Adfinity Real Estate. 

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A quick setup

"I spoke with Stefan for the first time in November of 2020 and in February the contract was already signed. I remember it so well because it quickly became clear from the first conversations that Steenoven had only 1 month left before the fiscal year was closed." Tells Filip

"The initial launch had to be done as efficiently as possible, and it was done thanks to a quick migration. What our consultants and our product team managed to do in such a short time was a real masterpiece."

"The need was also very clear: they wanted to handle their real estate more efficiently and needed automation. This is precisely what Adfinity is all about." 

Filip Van Hove Sales Adfinity Real Estate

Need for efficiency and automation

Stefan explains: "We used to work with a specialized software package for contractors, which wasn't quite tailored to our organization. The challenge with this was that we always had to find solutions to make the program work more efficiently."

"It wasn't built for what we wanted, both in terms of budget tracking and retrospective reporting. The program was also very old-fashioned."

"On the other hand, with Adfinity we immediately had the feeling: This is the future in terms of ease of use and structure. You immediately feel that it is a modern program."

Bart Putman Steenoven CFO

"Detailed reporting tailored to our operations"

Steenoven also improved in terms of reporting, Stefan says. "Adfinity offers a lot of possibilities with Excel add-ins and Power-BI to create clear reporting with a high added value, which was not possible before." 

"Internally, Adfinity is going to help us tremendously to optimize everything around reporting, project follow-up, etc. The solution is going to help us modernize a lot".

"During the first demos, we also highlighted this to demonstrate the efficiency of Adfinity. We got to work with real data and were able to turn it into the reporting Stefan had in mind, and all this at the push of a button." Explains Filip.

"Our product team also made some adjustments to exploit Adfinity and all the necessary migrations as efficiently as possible for Steenoven's financial management. To help them even further in this, we also provided a number of training sessions and support moments to really get the most out of the program." 

Product development team Adfinity

"That is also immediately one of the reasons why we chose Adfinity" says Stefan. "The flexibility of the program and automation possibilities that you can determine yourself are a great added value." 

"For example, we can now use Adfinity Real Estate to automatically index the rental contracts. In addition, it is also integrated with CODA to automatically settle payments. All those things make Adfinity a strong program".

Adfinity is going to help us optimize, modernize and aspire to healthy growth

"We are confident that Adfinity with Adfinity Real Estate is built future-proof and that it is definitely going to continue to meet our needs."

"It is also reassuring to see that Easi continues to invest in its software package. It gives us the confidence that we have made the right choice. The fact that Easi is also a growth company, with the right values and norms is definitely going to contribute to our future."

Bart Putman Steenoven CFO about Adfinity

"Adfinity is not the cheapest, but quality has a price, that goes for everything. So I think that this should not be an obstacle for other companies given the quality you get in return. Once again, this will certainly pay off in the long run."

Concludes Stefan.

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