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Today, Technopolis consists of two entities, says Wendy Umans, Finance & Procurement Manager at Technopolis. In the 80s and 90s, when the Flemish do-centre for science and technology was still a far-off dream, we were already wetting the appetite of the Flemish people for science and technology. We did so as Flanders Technology International or F.T.I in short. F.T.I is still the engine behind Technopolis. But now, there is also Technopolis NV. Therefore, the accounting had to be digitised and aligned for both these structures. That's why we started looking for a new programme".

Why did you choose Adfinity? 

"We are subject to the legislation that applies to government projects," says Wendy. "We have finally come to choose Adfinity. If we look at the package, the possibilities and compared it to our wishes and the price, we must say that everything was perfectly balanced. For these reasons, Adfinity came out as the top contender in our comparison."


What is the added value of Adfinity?

"We have been able to digitize a lot", says Wendy. "When it comes to invoices as well as the approval flow. We also now have a 3-way match between the purchase order, the delivery note and the invoice. So is everything covered."

What makes Adfinity user-friendly?

Jacqueline Van De Ven, Accounts Payable Officer, says: "You just need one clic to see it all. From the scanned pdf, requests, bookings, approved invoices. You can see the complete flow behind everything."


Do you gain a lot of time?  

"Yes!," says Petra Van Horen, Procurement Officer. "If we really want to and it's urgent, we can send out and process a complete purchase order in 10 minutes. That of course does not apply to every purchase order, but it's possible. With that I mean the entire layout and getting it back signed."

Jacqueline Van De Ven, Accounts Payable Officer, adds: "The fact that we can send digital invoices for approval saves us a tremendous amount of time. Every week I win at least 2 hours because I no longer need to copy so much files."


What are your colleague's reactions? 

We got very great reactions regarding the digitization, says Wendy Umans, Finance & Procurement Manager. Procurement Officer, Tinne Geens agrees: "First of all, for us it is bye bye paper era. Everything is on the computer and that is wonderfully efficient." Petra sees other positive outcomes. "We are no longer on the run for written signatures thanks to the digital approval flow. It is a tremendous improvement."

In addition, Wendy also notes that a great deal of added value has been created for budget managers. "It's easy as one-two-three to create a purchase order, they are directly linked to the budgets. The fact that the have continuously insight into the budget they can work with and still have available, is invaluable. They can do their work perfectly because of it and take the right decisions."


which are the best features?

Yves Coeck, Accounts Receivable Officer, does not have to think long. "What I couldn't do without anymore is the TLSEXTMIS code. This code allows for a complete reversal of a specific booking. So, when we have to provision something, we can completely reverse that provisional booking, without needing to make copies, without having to type up everything from scratch. It's automatically copied and reversed thanks to the program. That saves us a lot of time finishing up each financial quarter or year.

"What we couldn't go without any longer is the import function," says Tinne. "We have a lot of orders that are the same but only differ in amounts. By using import, we can easily create a nice purchase order where the amount can be altered."


Do you appreciate working with EASI?

Wendy Umans, Finance & Procurement Manager, is extremely happy. "When it comes to working with EASI, I can only be very positive. What I find important are the short lines of communication. When we ask a question, we quickly have our answer. That is truly the major added value.

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