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"One word to define EASI? Professionalism!"

Fouad Jebali is director of WTC, a company that sells industrial products for companies. Let's discover his opinion on SmartSales.

Why did you choose SmartSales?

"When we were looking for a partner for a mobile solution for our suppliers, we soon heard about EASI and SmartSales in particular.
What surprised us the most? The professionalism of the team. The salesman who came to present the application to us knew the product through and through. More than a salesman, he had in-depth technical knowledge, which immediately reassured us".

What is your opinion about SmartSales?

"We are happy with the application, especially in terms of its ease of use. But what was at least as important in our choice was the contact with the company EASI".

"They see us as business partners and not just as "customers." We both pull each other up. As soon as we have an idea for improvement, we share it with EASI's team. For their part, they enable us to optimize our time on the road with the ability to localize us geographically in real-time to customers and prospects nearby. We are also gaining post-sales working time. Reports and orders are encoded live during the appointment, or immediately afterward before continuing on the road. Finally, orders are also taken directly during the meeting with the customer. It is this functionality that has had the greatest impact on the procedures and our way of working. Indeed, we can say today that on average we have won a day of delivery. This means an increase in our customer satisfaction, an important parameter in the growth of our company".

"Finally, as a small anecdote, I would like to dwell for a moment on the events that EASI regularly organises and to which customers are invited en masse or in smaller groups. Whether it's a football match against the Red Devils or large presentation days such as the EASI summit, the events are always worthwhile. Once again, the professionalism that is so close to the company's heart is evident".

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