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By “information” we mean all possible data, knowledge and information including images, graphical elements, texts, offerings, products, software… This list is not exhaustive. 

Intellectual property

Any reproduction, public display or reuse of EASI’s websites or part thereof, including, but not restricted to, the texts, codes, interface elements, information, images, video and sound files it contains is prohibited, unless EASI’s explicit prior consent is obtained.

Limited responsibility

EASI commits to maintaining a high level of quality and reliability of the information published on their websites. However :  

  • EASI does not have any direct or indirect, general or special liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of EASI’s websites, in particular from the use of links or hyperlinks, including, without limitation, provision of incorrect information, any losses, business interruptions, damage to the user's programs or to any other data on the user's computer system, to the user’s devices, software or other damages.
  • EASI puts in place a lot of organisational and technical efforts to protect its websites against security leaks. However, despite all these efforts, Internet services can never be 100% free from security risks. Therefore, EASI is not responsible for any violation of user data confidentiality, for instance when the websites are attacked by hackers. 
  • EASI does not give any guarantees regarding the function or availability of the websites and cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or temporary downtimes, or for any damage that may arise from your access to our website. 


EASI publishes a lot of hyperlinks to external websites. These are being kept up to date as well as possible. EASI cannot be held responsible for the content of these external websites neither for any damage caused by the use of these external websites.

Illegal or unauthorised use

By using EASI’s websites, the visitor agrees to never use the site for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. Amongst others, the visitor agrees:

  • To respect all intellectual property rights from EASI as well as 3rd parties
  • Not to upload illegal or unauthorized contents or send or post undesired messages
  • Not to try to hack or damage the system from EASI
  • Not violating any international laws

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