IT company EASI invests heavily in new offices in Leuven. The existing building of the old distillery of Stella Artois along the Vaart between the water tower and De Hoorn is currently undergoing a complete transformation and has been partially repurposed as office space.

This video shows what the building will look like inside.

The origins of the "Artois Breweries" building stock go back to the 14th century. The distillery itself was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest dated buildings, but had to be largely rebuilt after the Second World War. The unique building stands just behind the rare art-deco "guillotine gate" that used to serve as the main entrance and closure gate for the Artois breweries. Today only the concrete pillars of the iron drawbridge remain visible.


3500m2 office space

The old distillery in Leuven will become the new Flemish headquarters of the IT company. Thanks to the strong growth in recent years, the current office in the Vander Elst building no longer suffices. The new building is part of DijleDelta, the urban renewal program around the Vaartkom, which is being realized by project developer ViRiX. CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout is proud that EASI will be moving into this landmark. "In total, there will be room for more than 150 employees. Since the building is being restored with great respect for the past, a lot of authentic elements are preserved, our colleagues will quickly feel at home."



Offices remain the heart of the company

In EASI's new office concept, communication, collaboration and culture are key. The company is adapting its homework policy and moving towards a hybrid work situation, where working entirely from home is not an option. "Our workplaces are all about experiences," says CEO Thomas van Eeckhout. "During the lockdown, it was also clear, that it is what our people miss most. Spontaneous interactions, accessible mentorship and support for new colleagues, but certainly also a pleasant environment where you can look up colleagues or just quietly work through the day."

Leuven as a strategic home base

Today, EASI already strongly relies on satellite offices for its employees to limit commuting as much as possible. Yet, the choice for a headquarters in Leuven is not accidental, says CEO Thomas van Eeckhout. "Leuven is an attractive knowledge region where there is a lot of technological talent. For a company like ours, which relies heavily on human capital, that is crucial."

Mayor Mohamed Ridouani is also pleased that EASI has chosen to stay in Leuven. "As a city, we work every day together with our residents, companies and knowledge institutions to create a better future for Leuven. As part of Leuven MindGate, EASI is doing its part to put Leuven on the map as a top region in terms of creativity and technology. It is therefore gratifying to see that powerful collaborations, such as this one with EASI, result in innovation opportunities and, in this case, also a successful reallocation of this distinctive building on the Vaart."

More info

IT company EASI is a cloud, security and software provider. The company has already been named Best Employer in Belgium 7 times in a row in the less than 500 employees category.

More information about the old Artois buildings can be found here.