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Adfinity distinguishes itself in the market as a perfect fit for construction companies: while integrating flawlessly with construction-specific tools, it adds added value in terms of automation, digitization and reporting.

Construction-specific accounting

Construction companies have specific needs like the management of article 30bis, deductions, sureties, delayed payment interests, etc... Adfinity covers all this on top of its completely integrated, paperless financial management features.

Budget management

Validate each spending against the budget and rules you set. In case of budget exceeding, digital workflows will alert the project responsibles so that they can react when necessary. Never again go over budget without knowing about it.

Real-Time visibility

Stay on top of project costs and revenue and make better decisions. Get financial, managerial and/or operational reporting through real-time dynamic dashboards. Integrate Adfinity with your favorite BI-tools and get the complete picture. 

Remote approvals

Adfinity's digital approval tools allow building site supervisors to approve or decline operations directly while present at the site, thanks to our handy smartphone application. No laptop or desk is needed: a smartphone is everything they need. 


Stock management

Centralize the management of your construction materials and commodities thanks to the built-in Purchase & Stock management features of Adfinity. Digitize the full cycle from the purchase orders until the reception of the goods and the payment of the invoices. 


Adfinity can easily be integrated with any operational construction software for logistics management, inventory, calculcation, project follow-up, BIM, ... Among others, we're integrated with Build Software and Kalko, two other Belgian solutions. 

... and much more!

On top of the features above, construction companies benefit from all available features in Adfinity and more than 20 years of experience by our consultants & local partners. 

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"When our subcontractors have tax debts, we are obliged to withhold payments. In the past, we had to split these payments into a separate payment to the government with a separate notice and another one for the remaining balance to the contractor. Thanks to Adfinity, we can make those payments all at once. That saves me a lot of time."


Katrijn Vanacker, Bookkeeper, Dovy Keukens

Dovy Keukens Katrijn Vanacker

Why Adfinity?

Time gain

Every screen and every button is designed in such a way so as to optimize your tasks. The software is full of intelligent shortcuts to manage your payments more efficiently, to speed up financial transactions via CODA files, and so on. And with Adfinity, you never have to enter any information twice.

Fast implementation

Your company will be able to start using Adfinity very rapidly. A typical implementation cycle of Adfinity can be calculated in weeks, not months. Our pragmatic methodology and more than 20 years of experience are your best guarantee for a successful go-live.


Our users systematically mention the user-friendliness of Adfinity when asked about our strong points. The end-user adoption of the software goes really fast compared to a lot of other solutions.

Onboarding & support

You can count on our professional onboarding & support team that will guide you through the implementation process until you're up-and-running. After the go-live, you continue to enjoy the support of our customer success managers.

Take-over of existing data

We have developed a standard tool capable of converting data from your existing systems easily towards Adfinity. Throughout the years we have realized take-overs of most commonly used accounting tools. Don't be afraid of the complexity of a change. We'll manage it for you.


Integrations with other tools are crucial for any accounting software system to be successful. Adfinity disposes of web services (API's) and can easily be connected to any other tool. If no API's are available in your other tool, we can still make it work with other techniques.

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"I chose Adfinity because I was looking for a solid and dynamic partner that could take into account my specific requirements. Ever since the beginning, I am very happy with the quality and the reactivity of the people from EASI."


Jonathan Ciardo, Finance Supervisor, Entreprises Koeckelberg

Accounting software for the construction industry

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