Sell more and close deals faster

Sales reps perform better with an all-in-one mobile solution. All they need is in the app: contact data, product catalogs, ordering system, ...


The integrated dashboards and reporting possibilities provide insights to help your sales team reach their objectives.

Happy customers

Streamline your sales flow and improve customer satisfaction thanks to efficient touchpoints throughout the full sales cycle.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

When you start the free trial, you will receive a download link to download the app on your iPad. In the e-mail, you will also find a login & password you can use during 30 days, to try SmartSales. Please open this link directly on your iPad.

The SmartSales app you will download is filled with dummy data (a product catalog, price list, presentation documents, ... to give you an idea of the possibilities of the application. You can play with it and do anything you want. It is not possible to add or remove articles or documents in the trial environment. 

Can I also try the web application?

No. Currently, the web application is not accessible in free trial mode. The only thing you can preview in free trial mode is the mobile app. 

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of the free trial, your login credentials won't work anymore and you won't be able to test the app anymore. 

Do I have to give my credit card?

No. We don't ask any credit card data at all. Free means free. 

What is the price of SmartSales?

The cost of SmartSales is 59 €/user/month. During the startup phase, there might be an additional setup cost depending on your own needs: if you need integrations with 3rd party tools or you want extra features that we have to develop from scratch, we will make you a custom pricing.